Create your moments of inspiration

Create your moments of inspiration

When we meet new people and when we make time for a deeper dialogue, a large creative opportunity is awaiting us. It is enriching to listen to the stories, passions and life lessons of others . They offer us their views on life and we can intensely learn from it and feed our own creativity. We can share with them our own perspectives and there is mutual growth in wisdom.

If we long for a creative life it is necessary to often meet new inspiring people. Consider the following small initiative to make this possible and create your own moments of inspiration

Organize with someone you know a dialogue dinner for six persons. He or she asks two friends or acquaintances. You also ask two members of your own network for the dinner. Select the persons that inspire you and possibly from different backgrounds. Then, six persons will come together in a restaurant with a quiet corner or even better: with a private dining room. A few hours you are among a few people you have never met before. Don’t try to steer the conversation too much. Create a space where the dialogue can flow freely.

You could start with the question: What inspires you at this moment in your life? And then let the talking go. I have joined several of such dinners and I have felt the positive (collective) energy that emerges when people are sharing their experiences in their lives in a deepening dialogue.

Everyone felt the inspiration of being together, sharing and listening. When I leave I am full of ideas and can feel the good energy of the dialogue hold on for days after the dinner.
A dialogue dinner is small initiative but it can have al large impact on your creative life!

© Jeff Gaspersz, 2013

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