Jeff’s article ”The Search for Innovation Leadership” is published in The European Business Review

Jeff Gaspersz has written an article (The Search for Innovation Leadership) for The European Business Review, the leading business intelligence magazine providing their readers with indispensable insight, current best practices and breakthrough ideas. The European Business Review readers are the men and women shaping the future of business globally

You can read the article on The European Business Review website:The link to the article is: The Search for Innovation Leadership

Quote from the article:
”I am working in a business school where we, along with other business schools, strive to build the leaders that are equipped for the new innovation challenges. It is my contention that the aims of our teaching must beto strengthen their integrative thinking so that they can find the new combinations,patterns and perspectives that are necessary for innovation breakthroughs. We also have to show them ways to catalyze the creativity in their corporate communities. We can show our future leaders numerous best practices, but they will only discover their passion for it if they have discovered their own creative abilities.

Therefore, we also have to make them familiar with creative techniques that will help them to look from
different angles. Not just to offer them a new technique, but to awaken a spirit that they can use to inspire the
creativity of their people.”