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Building an Innovation Mindset

03-10-2014 Published a new article on building an innovation mindset in The European Business Review of September/October 2014

You can download it here

Don’t wait for inspiration

06-08-2014 Don’t wait for inspiration

In order to come up with new ideas, you need inspiration. Inspiration is a kind of energy that nourishes your creative spirit. When you are inspired, it seems like everything is streaming. You feel energetic, you get all kinds of future plans, your thoughts flow…

Keep asking innovation questions

06-08-2014 Keep asking innovation questions

A good question can trigger new thinking in your team and can reinforce alertness and focus. A sharp question can trigger a different way of viewing, a fresh perspective that bring new solutions for our challenges.

When asking an…

Posted a blog in Venture Capital for Africa

01-01-2014 I posted a blog in Venture Capital for Africa.: How to build innovative companies in Africa and the World

Venture Capital for Africa is the largest community of investors and entrepreneurs in Africa.

New article: How Leaders can build Innovative Organizations

08-03-2013 I have published a new article in the African Business Review, the pre-eminent bimonthly magazine that surveys the global business landscape and the interactions with the emerging African economies, the trade links between other emerging economies and the developed markets. The article offers…

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